truck in warehouse

A Truckie’s Duties

There is a lot that goes in to every trucking journey. From the beginning to the end, the truckie’s job is a challenging one. Here are some of the things a truckie goes through on a daily basis to get the job done.


When loading a truck, it’s not just a matter of getting the cargo on the trailer and leaving. The load must be balanced and secured to ensure the truck sits safely on the road, and to make sure the load doesn’t move around and stock isn’t destroyed.

Pre-Trip Check

The driver must then connect the air lines to the brakes, and plug in the cords for the trailer lights. Aside from that, the truck must be safety checked and tested to see if it’s mechanically fit to travel.

Oil levels must be checked, as must water, brake fluid, and tyre pressure. Spare tyres should be on board, and all the tyres must be checked for adequate tread.

A good truckie will also have on board the necessary tools for changing tyres and fixing any other mechanical problems that may arise on the journey.

The Trip

Before the trip begins, the driver must know the route he or she is planning to take, any detours needed, all the stop offs, and how long they will take, and check the weather for any hazards like heavy storms or bushfires.

A truckie must be familiar with bridge weight-tolerances, overpass heights (and the height of their truck), and the speeds able to be travelled on certain roads.

This all needs to be factored in to their overall journey plan, as it will affect delivery times.

They need to know where they can stop for meals and breaks, what time they need to be at certain drop-offs, and whether they’ll be picking up another load for the return journey.

Here at Braun Transport, we know what it takes to make a good driver, and we use only the most experienced, well-trained, reliable, and safe drivers to ensure an excellent standard of service.