highway through mountains

Points of Interest on the Trip to Darwin

The journey to Darwin is a long one. It covers over 3,400 kilometres…

Truckie Life

The life of a truck driver certainly isn’t the easiest, spending…
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Youtube Video - Remote Areas

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Seven Dangerous Driving Situations

Truckies spend a lot of time on the road, and unfortunately,…
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Aussie Truckie Experiences

Truckies in Australia have a unique job. The country is filled…
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truck being loaded with gravel by front-end loader

What Does it Take to Become a Truckie?

You might be interested in driving trucks, and wondering what…
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Youtube Video - Long Distance Transport

We have a new Youtube video - Long Distance Transport. Check…
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A Truckie’s Duties

There is a lot that goes in to every trucking journey. From the…
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What Does it Take to be a Truckie?

It takes a strong person to be a truckie. It’s not the kind…