straight road through desert

Every Day is a Journey

At Braun Transport, we get to see an awesome picture of Australian countryside every day. When our drivers rise in the morning, they look forward to hitting the open road, carrying an important load.

The Morning

Every morning is an exciting opportunity for a Braun driver. The first morning of a journey involves getting a good breakfast and being ready to load the truck for the long journey ahead. Once they hit the road, they have nothing but a carefree journey out of the city and into the beautiful countryside.

During the journey, every morning consists of waking up to beautiful countryside or a charming country town, grabbing the morning coffee and essentials, and setting out for an awesome visual journey through the outback.

The Day

During the day is hard slog time for our drivers – but it’s worth it. The country can get rather hot even in winter – but that’s ok, our trucks have climate control! Our drivers get to witness our breathtaking country in all its splendour in the midday sun. They just have to make sure they’re wearing sunscreen in the middle of summer! All-day exposure to sun can take its toll.

The Afternoon

As the light from the sun slowly fades, the country takes on more of an amber hue, and the beauty of the desert is radiated in all directions. The afternoons can come as a relief on hot summer’s days. Our trusty driver will haul on through the remainder of the day, looking forward to something tasty for dinner. Just got to watch out for those twilight kangaroos!

The Nights

As the last of the brightness of the day fades, the driver enters a new phase. There is less traffic and the lights of the truck show the way to the destination. A few hours of driving through the blissful darkness and then it’s bed time. Every day is a journey at Braun Transport.