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Points of Interest from Brisbane to Darwin Part III

There are so many interesting towns on the way to Darwin that we thought we’d share some of their stories with you.


Blackall is a town nearly 1000 kilometres northwest of Brisbane in outback QLD.

It is the supposed location of the original “black stump”, and anywhere further west of Blackall is considered “beyond the black stump”, hence the old Aussie saying.

The town’s main industry is cattle grazing. It was the first town to bore down to the artesian basin (in 1885), drawing hot mineral water from the depths. The Australian Labor Party created their rules and constitution in Blackall in 1890.

The fastest hand-shearer of sheep is from Blackall. His name was Jack Howe, and he holds a record of shearing 321 sheep in 7 hours 40 minutes.


Barcaldine lies approximately 500 kilometres west of Rockhampton. It is known for its early role in the Labor party’s formation. In 1891, it was the location of the Australian shearer’s strike – they met outside the railway station in solidarity for better working conditions. Barcaldine also has an artesian bore. The town’s main industry is sheep rearing and beef cattle.


Longreach is a larger town (population of over 3000) situated around 700km west of Rockhampton. It is the birthplace of several famous Australians including the former Australian Governor General Quentin Bryce, the comedian Carl Barron, the guitarist from Purple Hearts and Coloured Balls Lobby Loyde, and the footballer Matthew Scott.

The famous Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame is also in Longreach – it is a centre that acknowledges the history of country Australia and its noteworthy residents.

The town is also the home of the Qantas Founders Outback Museum, in recognition of the town’s early role in the establishment of Qantas.

If you’re heading to Darwin, we’re sure that these towns will have something of interest to offer you on your journey.

Here at Braun Transport, we hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog.