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Points of Interest on the Trip to Darwin

The journey to Darwin is a long one. It covers over 3,400 kilometres of our barren southern land, and along the way there are several highlights, some of which we will check out today.


The first major city on the way to Darwin is Brisbane’s western neighbour, Toowoomba. It is known for its Cobb and Co museum which features 19th century horse-drawn carriages. Cobb and Co was a well-known coaching company, established in the mid 1800’s. The company became popular as a method to carry mail and passengers to goldfields and remote outback locations.

Toowoomba is also flanked by well-established rainforests and national parks.


About another 70kms west is the town of Dalby. It is situated in the Darling Downs, and is the heart of Australia’s grain and cotton industry. The town is also an engineering and coal mining hub, supplying a large power station to the west.

It is also going to be the location of a mill for the purpose of ethanol production.


Head northwest another 80kms along the Warrego Highway and you’ll find another bustling country town called Chinchilla. It is known for its melon festival, where a range of novel melon sports are undertaken (such as melon head-smashing).

It is responsible for 25% of Australia’s melon production.

The town is also in an area famous for its petrified woods, and travellers can fossick for specimens to take home as souvenirs. A history museum is another attraction, where one can see steam trains and other artefacts from days gone by.

The town was originally a camp by Charley’s Creek for workers on the railway.

It is also the home of the rock radio station Rebel FM.

If you look into the history of Australia, it’s quite fascinating. There are stories to be told all across the land, if you know where to look. Our drivers at Braun Transport get to share and be a part of these stories.