truck being loaded with gravel by front-end loader

What Does it Take to Become a Truckie?

You might be interested in driving trucks, and wondering what you have to do to begin a career as a truckie.


First up, you have to attain your standard car licence. Getting your manual licence is important, as you will be guaranteed to be driving manual trucks for most work situations (although you can get your automatic licence and still be eligible for manual truck driving training, but we recommend learning to operate gears manually from the get-go).

Once you have your car licence, we recommend that you complete a truck-driving course. There is a range of courses available, but if you want to become a road train driver like those who work here at Braun Transport, you must progress up through the different driver’s licence classes.


If you want a LR (light rigid) or MR (medium rigid) licence, you must have held your C (car) licence for at least one year. LR and MR vehicles include buses and trucks that are no more than 8 tonnes gross vehicle mass.

If you’re after your HR (heavy rigid) licence, you must have held your C licence for a minimum of 2 years. A heavy rigid vehicle is a truck or bus that is over 8 tonnes gross vehicle mass.

You can also progress to your HR licence if you’ve held your LR or MR licence for one year. To get your HC licence (heavy combination – truck with trailer), you must have held an MR or HR licence for at least a year.

And finally, to qualify for a MC licence (multi combination – truck towing 2 or more trailers), you must have held an HR or HC licence for at least a year.

So you can see it’s not as simple as getting your car licence, but once you have a truck licence, a world of employment opportunities opens up for you.

If you like the open country and the wind in your hair, truck driving could be for you.