Truckie Life

The life of a truck driver certainly isn’t the easiest, spending long hours on the road for weeks at a time away from home. It comes with its rewards, though, like having plenty of time to think and reflect, and getting to see the beautiful countryside of Australia.

Brisbane to Darwin – Day 1

A typical week in the life of a long distance truckie will go something like this.

It always starts with an early rise. Truckies will get up at around 4:00am, have a quick breakfast and shower, gather their clothes and supplies, get into the truck, and head to the depot.

Upon arrival at the depot, the driver is assigned a job. They will fill out the necessary paperwork, and then pick up their load. After a safety check, route confirmation, and a fuel-up, they will begin their long journey.

We’ll use the trip from Brisbane to Darwin for this example. First, they would head west for the 100 odd kilometre leg to Toowoomba. After that, it is another hundred or so kilometres along the A2 to Chinchilla.

Now we’re truly in Aussie country, heading along the A2 through small town after small town. The scenery out here is truly picturesque, with nothing but open plains of crops, and distant rolling hills.

By the time our Truckie reaches Roma, a good 500km from Brisbane, they’ll want to have a break for lunch. After a meal and sanity break, they will jump back in the truck and begin leg two of the epic first day.

From Roma, our esteemed driver will then head further northwest along the A2, through the interzone between mountains and desert. After the usual short rest breaks every few hours, the stop for the night will be at Longreach, home of the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame.

Day 2

After a good night’s rest, it’s back to it the next morning. As long as the truck is in good shape, and there’s plenty of fuel, it’s go time. Out here, the towns are getting smaller and smaller and the distances in between are larger.

It makes one feel small, being confronted by the vastness of our great southern land. After half a day of journeying, Kynuna is a good place to stop for a lunch break.

It is thought that Kynuna lies in the area of an ancient asteroid strike, proof that the land hasn’t changed in eons. Once fed and rested, our intrepid truckie will pick themselves up and continue their travels into the arid interior.

More dry plains punctuated by small towns are the truckie’s only company through the second half of this day. The most convenient place for a second night’s rest is the truck stop at the Barkly Homestead, which, strangely enough, is next to an animation studio called Disney Animation Cartoon Friendly.

This is also the location of an amazingly straight stretch of road called route 66, which doesn’t deviate for around 100kms.

Day 3

The next half day’s driving sees the desert slowly start to give way to some greenery as the climate gets more humid and the coast draws nearer.

Heading north on the Stuart Highway, Daly Waters is the next stop for lunch. Daly Waters was a stop-off for the 1926 London to Sydney air race, and an old refuelling stop for Qantas flights pre 1965.

The last leg of the journey passes through Katherine and Nitmiluk, famous for its waterfalls. After 3 days of pushing the rig hard across the world’s biggest island, the load finally reaches its destination.

A day of rest is on order for our worthy traveller before he or she heads back to Brisbane to do it all again. Here at Braun Transport, we hope you enjoyed this blog! Stay tuned.