truck driver

What Does it Take to be a Truckie?

It takes a strong person to be a truckie. It’s not the kind of job you can take light-heartedly. It takes commitment and stamina, skill, alertness, and expertise.

Skills Involved

Trucks are large vehicles that take extra training to drive, and the job comes with a large amount of responsibility. A truckie has to be extra careful of his position on the road, as trucks are so wide.

He or she has to make sure they have enough distance between them and the car in front to stop in time, and when turning corners with a trailer, they have to go out wide to make sure they don’t clip anything.

The skill it takes to drive one of our road trains is multiple-fold. When driving a road train, the load can weigh far more than normal (we’re talking over a hundred tonnes), and stopping distance is greatly increased. Turning also takes a whole new level of skill.


The rough conditions in remote areas add another challenge to the job, too. Our drivers have to be even more careful about their placement and speed on the road.

There are also other issues like breakdowns and on-the-fly maintenance. Sometimes getting roadside assistance isn’t an option and it’s up to the driver’s ingenuity to fix the problem, whether it’s a cracked radiator hose or a flat tire.

Our Drivers

This is why we only hire the most skilled and highly trained professional drivers. We know how important it is to have someone behind the wheel who can undertake their job with professionalism and finesse. It takes someone who is dedicated to getting the job done right who can spend weeks away from home. The rewards are many for a truckie. They are appreciated as an essential part of our society – and as they say, “without trucks, Australia stops.”

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